Rainbow Quran Review

I ordered some beautiful Rainbow Qurans from AlSharifa.com as gifts for my teen nieces this Eid. Available in lovely eye-catching colors, these are beautiful gifts to give teens: so you can […]

Avery Design & Print Online

I enjoy making Eid cards for my nieces and nephews every year. Sometimes I take the personal approach, and use a theme, like the year I made Star Wars themed […]

There is so much violence going on in the world. Innocent people dying in Chicago, Texas, Gaza, all over the world. It’s deeply saddening. Outreach, petitions, peaceful protests and social awareness […]

It’s so amazing, as an American Muslim, to see recognition for Ramadan and Eid holidays today. Growing up, I used to feel so isolated. Other than other kids at the […]

Bismillah (h)ir-Rahman (n)ir-Raheem. In The Name Of Allah, The (Most) Gracious, The (Most) Merciful. As a new mom, its my first Ramadan where I don’t have the luxury of focusing […]